Software as a Service

Building customer trust by protecting their sensitive data

A Software-as-a-Service company should not overlook how to handle the security delegation that is given by customer trust. Security issues such as data leaks and insecure access have been mentioned to be the utmost concerns of SaaS customers.

Kastela can help to protect the data stored and exchanged within SaaS providers. Data protection can be enabled through secure data isolation, data tokenization, and selective access control. Applying Kastela shall help SaaS providers in achieving compliance with UU-PDP, GPDR, SOC2, and PCI-DSS standards.



Data protection challenges in SaaS

Compliance complexity

SaaS providers hold the responsibility of achieving compliance against various data privacy regulations (UU-PDP, GDPR, SOC2).

Security responsibilities

SaaS providers are not only responsible for protecting customer data. They also need to correctly carry out other security efforts, such as shielding their API against malicious users and its misuses.

Omitting security for Growth

Security controls are often overlooked due to the priority on achieving business growth. Engineering team needs to juggle between delivering business requirements and security countermeasures

How Kastela helps

Enabling efficient data protection


With Kastela, your organization’s sensitive data can be protected in various ways, either on data vaults or on your own storage. You can implement appropriate access control and visibility of your data.

Avoid the costly impact of data breaches by assuring the safety of your PII and PHI data.

Near-zero performance impact
Easily adopted to your system
Always encrypted in-transit and at-rest

Helping across industries

Kastela on Other Industrial Sectors​


Modern-day healthcare services involve various healthcare data, including Personal Healthcare Information (PHI). Assuring the protection of PHI data across different healthcare and hospital systems requires significant efforts from the stakeholders.


Modern financial institutions shall understand their responsibilities on protecting financial data, and employ the appropriate protections to ensure regulatory compliance.

Kastela is available on

Kastela can be deployed anywhere, whether in public cloud or on-premise environment.