Sensitive Data Protection Suite

Enable effective data protection on both privacy & sensitive information within your organizations, and avoid the unwanted costs of data breaches.
The safety of your PII and PHI data can be rest assured from day-one.

Keep your innovations ahead without the bottleneck of security challenges.

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Key Capabilites

Ensuring Data Protection In Sensible Way

Flexible approaches on applying data protection

Kastela brings multiple protection toolkits that can be combined to fit in against your business requirements.

Cryptography Service
Avoid the risks and complexities of applying both encryption & decryption from application developers and push the workload on Kastela
Secure Vault
Easily create securely encrypted data vaults to store any kind of sensitive data outside the main application database.
Secure Data Isolation
Automatically migrate and protect sensitive data in SQL databases into data vaults and replace them with tokens
Edge-App Protection
Sensitive data becomes invisible on traffic logs since client app can transform & protect any sensitive data before it gets submitted to the server

Supporting Features

What else are included?

Key Management System

Efficient management on cryptographic key lifecycle and algorithm usages.

Advanced Data Governance

Define the access control of your sensitive data, including its visibility through data masking.

Auditable Activity Logs

Track and identify any changes on configuration, permissions, read-write access, and cryptography service utilizations.

Key Disaster Recovery

In case of failure, system configuration and keys can be restored from backup storage like Azure Blob or S3 storage

Mutual Authentication

Every API call against Kastela is secured with mutual TLS for optimum in-transit protection.

Pivotal Benefits

Why you should use Kastela?

Eliminate the impact of data breaches

Malicious database attacks would only result in tokenized or encrypted data. No exposure of sensitive data during data breaches.

Faster compliance with security regulation

Save your time & money for regulatory compliance process. Kastela addresses several technical requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, UU-PDP, and more.

Near-zero performance impact

Any changes on protection requirements can be applied in shortest time possible without any impact towards user experience.

Easy & fast adoptions

Supported with powerful and developer-friendly SDKs, software developers are eased to rapidly enable sensitive data protection on their platforms.

Pivotal Benefits

Why you should use Kastela?


Helping Across Industries

Enabling data protections on various industrial sectors


A Software-as-a-Service company should not overlook how to handle the security delegation that is given by customer trust. Security issues such as data leaks and insecure access have been mentioned to be the utmost concerns of SaaS customers.

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Modern-day healthcare services involve various healthcare data, including Personal Healthcare Information (PHI). Assuring the protection of PHI data across different healthcare and hospital systems requires significant efforts from the stakeholders.

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Modern financial institutions shall understand their responsibilities on protecting financial data, and employ the appropriate protections to ensure regulatory compliance. On the other hand, such protection should also be flexible enough to provide data usability for analysis and achieving business objectives.

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Kastela can be deployed anywhere, whether in public cloud or on-premise environment.